Theory of the sound system culture, African Edition.

Written by on March 24, 2021

African soundman/woman, can you start to create rivalries amongst yourselves because this can be healthy for the industry if done right. I am optimistic that the world will open up fully again one day so hence we need to be thinking how we reset our market to be consistent with everywhere else. (outside Africa that is.)

So, rivalries which are healthy are those that don’t create personal enemies but musical nemesis who can all benefit from it. Don’t take rivalries personal. Build the reasons why you want to clash the next sound or next artiste.

Does it make business sense?

Do we both benefit?

Do the fans understand the logic?

Have we prepared the fans to this hype?

is this building the industry?

Did we remove emotions for the art?

are we capable of giving a quality product?

Basically, have a recipe first, you can create what works for you.

Whilst getting paid is the ultimate goal here, it’s how you go about building it that makes the most sense. Some of the best clashes are those that never got anyone paid(a few can relate).I am an advocate for clashing only if it keeps us united when the dust has settled, win or lose.#oneafrica #Reggaedrivetime365live #lionpawinternationalonline

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